Admission Process Has 3 Steps


  1. Counseling candidate (future doctor) is the first step towards our target to admission in Medical College. 
  2. Personal Guidance to select the right University across the world according to the need and requirement of the student. 


  1. Help you to complete the application form
  2. Collect and file your required documents for the University application
  3. Pay the application fee
  4. Receive your admission letter from the University


  1. Apply for your invitation letter from the university
  2. Create your visa file for the embassy
  3. Arrange HDR attestation, apostle, translation of documents
  4. Assist to get a medical fitness certificate as required
  5. Cover the medical insurance
  6. Apply for the visa as your representative
  7. Schedule an appointment with the respective embassy
  8. Keep you and family updated about the progress
  9. Train you for the visa interview
  10. Collect the passport with the visa
  11. Start preparation for departure

Profile Evaluation

Submit your application, so our expert team of counselors evaluates your profile based on education and eligibility.

Admission Guidance

Our counselors will help you in identifying the right country, college and program

Application Documentation

Our expert team, will checks every application and document before submitting to the university. We assist you in every step while preparing this documents.